Almost forgot I have this page.

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I think it’s pretty obvious that I don’t post here anymore. haha. Just wanted to post a link to my new website/blog just in case anyone stumbles upon this page.


Nearing the end of term two.

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The finals were starting to build up this past week. Last Friday we had our Junkyard assignment for Texturing Due. This was our last class for texturing this term. The final was a junk yard scene we had to model and texture. I went with a futuristic junkyard scene where Robots go to die or to be recycled. In this junkyard, I had robot parts scattered like junk in a regular junkyard. Here’s how the 3 shots turned out.

We had our last career prep class this morning. We had to do a presentation in front of the class about something industry related. My partner was Bob. We decided to go with something creative with our final, and design the Ultimate Gaming Chair. I think the presentation turned out pretty well. The two above pictures are what the chair looked like. These were the original designs. We decided to go with an off white colour to present to the class cause it had too much black, and was hard to see everything. I wonder if my classmates will still blog after today?

Last Friday, we also had an animation assignment due. In this animation, we had to choose a dance or fight scene. It had to have some form of human interaction. This was probably one of our most challenging assignments so far, but it was also the most fun. Here’s how it turned out. It’s loosely based on Bruce Lee.

With 4 of our classes done for term two, we now have all this time to work on our other finals. The character model, light a haunted hallway, and make an advanced character rig. This next week or two are going to be a little nutty.

We had to say goodbye to two of our teachers this term. Vesna, and Val. I was a bit sad about it, but I guess it’ll be a whole different story when we graduate. It’s like I’m in highschool again. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I’m actually back in school after 8 years. Maybe it still hasn’t really sunk in yet? or I just really like it so it doesn’t really feel like work? Wowsers. Everyone’s getting super good in my class. I guess that’s what school does? Yay! we’re learning stuff. Hopefully in term 3 we get to concentrate more on our final demo reels. I’m not sure how many people have started in my class, but by the judge of all the homework we’ve been getting, I don’t think anyone had any time. mmmmm, I’m eating banana bread. mmmm sooo gooood. There’s some crazy talent in my class, so I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for their demos. I think I might just stick to my original plan. I spoke to the program head today, and he said at this point, it might be a bad idea to try to come up with something new. He just said to stick with my original idea, but to take stuff out, cause it was a bit too much. Maybe I’ll just add some bonus animation in my demo or something as suggested by my instructors. It seems like there’s so much crazyness going on right now. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be doing. I think I’m doing ok, but I also feel confused sometimes. I guess we’ll see what happens in the next 5 months.

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Looks like this coming week is going to be pretty crazy. All the work just seemed to pile up all of a sudden. Next week we have 3 major assignments due. We have a lighting texturing and rendering assignment due on Tuesday. We had about three weeks to work on this one. It’s a candle lit scene of a dresser with a picture frame on it. Shouldn’t be that bad except for the texturing and rendering in layers. We also have a fight or dance scene to animate due next Friday. We also had three weeks for this one. I’ve decided to do a Bruce Lee animation since I’m all about Bruce lee these days. I’m also modeling Bruce Lee for our final character assignment. This is getting pretty crazy. I didn’t realize that modeling the human anatomy would be this hard. Oh well. Our design teacher said i’ts really ambitious, but I should be ok. Our final for texturing is due on Friday as well. This ones worth a lot. It’s a junkyard scene. I think I went a little too crazy with the detail on my junkyard, so this will most likely cause me more work for the unwrapping and texturing. The final image should look ok though. I’m trying to go for kind of a futuristic robot junkyard with piles of robot parts everywehere. This past week wasn’t so bad for homework. We just finished presenting our final demo reel ideas to the class and the program head. Looks like my demo reel concept is pretty ambitious, and may be too flashy for some viewers. My new demo reel idea is a modeling demo reel. It will consist of 5 models. A car, a motorcycle, 2 characters, and an environment. The first character will be a realistic model of Bruce Lee which will be my final project for 3d design class. The second character will be a female model of a character in a ducati leather racing suit to match the graphics of the motorcycle which is a 2008 Ducati 1098. The environment is a futuristic city scene that I made for our final environment modeling assignment in 3d design class. The car is a Nissan Skyline R34 Japanese police car. But the content interest me, so I will work harder on it. I’m guessing this won’t be my final demo reel idea. I change my mine about once a week. hahahaha. Out of all the demo presentations I saw today, I liked Angelo’s concept the best. He’s doing a character based on the Filipino Revolution. I think it’s cause I’m filipino too. I think everything has been done in a demo reel except for that. Dude. I’m your biggest fan. hahahaha. My Friend from a while ago is getting married this summer. He decided to make me one of his groomsmen. His bachelor party is this Saturday. It’s going to set me back for assignments about a day, but I think the break from homework should help. We’re going skydiving, paintballing, and lots of drinking. I probably won’t jump out of a plane, but I’m always down for paintball. Can’t belive we’re already working on final assignments for term two. That’s just crazyness.

Good Bye April group

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The April group had recently graduated, and we had a chance to go to the industry night last Wednesday. We got to miss class too. Sweet. There was only 10 of the 17 students that graduated that went to industry night. I guess some may have not finished or, just didn’t want to go. The demo reels came out pretty well, although it seemed that there were a few students that could have used more time to polish up their reels. There were 2-3 demos that really stood out from the group. There was Arif’s character modeling, May’s animation reel, and Devon’s environment reel was cool too. Arif and May both came from Vancouver film school, so they did have the most experience out of all the students. I think I liked The animation demo the best. It sucks that we won’t be seeing those guys around anymore. Boo. I can’t believe that in about 5-6 months, we’ll be in the same position. That’s just crazy. We’re running out of time. This week was pretty nasty for homework. We had a previs that we did on Wednesday. Mine turned out ok I guess. We also had 3 assignments that were due on Friday. I managed to get it all mostly done. We had a digital matte painting, model a junkyard, and Our lipsync animation. For the animation, I didn’t really get it to look like what I wanted it to look like but here’s how it tuned out. It’s a scene from back to the future. I really like that movie.

This week is not so bad as last week for homework. I think We could all take a little break. We have just started on out final assignment for design class. We get to choose any character to model. We also have like 5 weeks to work on it. That’s crazy. I decided to go with Bruce Lee. I think it’s going to be super hard cause Bruce Lee is super ripped. The muscles will be a challenge for sure. Also, I’m limited when it comes to reference images. There are no perfect front or perfect side views. It’s not going to be very accurate when I’m done, and it may not even look like Bruce Lee. Oh well. We’re not being marked on likeness anyway. Doesn’t have to be Bruce Lee right? We also have to do a presentation for career prep class in a couple of weeks. We need to present an idea/concept of some sort that is industry related. Like game concept or gaming product or something. My partner is Bob, and we’re going to be presenting the ultimate gaming chair. I think we might model it in 3d and make a short video. It’s going to be cool, and when I say cool, I mean totally Sweet!

Back to School

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Boourns….. Looks like it’s back to school time. Today was our first day back to school from our one week break. I didn’t get much done over the break. I did do one assignment that was due over the break though. Looks like not much people in my class did any catching up on homework as well. It makes sense though. We’re supposed to be taking a break right? My internet is running really slow today for some reason. I was barely able to get onto wordpress. It turns out that two assignments that I thought was due this week isn’t really due this week. phew. There’s a sweat off my brow. Tomorrow we have to present our demo reel ideas to the class. I don’t really have anything solid just yet. I think I’m just going to freestlye my presentation tomorrow night. I’ll just take some work that I’ve already done, and somehow chuck them together to make up my demo idea. I have a couple cars, and a motorcycle almost done, so it’s most likely going to be a modeling reel idea of an auto performance shop or something. Yeah. I guess that makes sense. This is most likely not going to be my final demo idea cause it seems a little boring. Oh well. It’ll have to do for now I guess. Damn I’m tired. I only got like 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night. It’s pretty strange cause for the whole break I was sleeping every night like a baby. When it got to the night before school started, I had lots of trouble sleeping. Today we had our carrer prep class. Val did a role play interview. I think I was more nervous during this pretend interview than a real one. I have always freestlyed my interviews, and done really well, and got the job. This time my mind went completely blank after the first question. Val said I did ok though. The weather was crazy today too. I woke up and apparently it snowed a little early morning before I woke up. This afternoon was really sunny and kind of hot. On the way home on the highway, it started snowing, and it was still a bit warm in my car from when it was sunny in the parking lot at BCIT. That’s just silly. I think I’m going to sleep now. Bye.

Yay, spring break

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Yay, Spring break. Woohoo, We finally get some time off this week. Looking forward to it. Time to relax. Don’t really have anything to write about. We didn’t have anything to do for a while. Some of our teachers were not giving us homework for a bit, then all of a sudden, everything just piled up. Crazy. At least we got lots of time. Oh yeah. Compositing class is done for the term. That was fast. No one even knew that last Tuesday was our last class. I finished this falling box animation last week. We just needed to make a falling bax and use particles in Combustion to create a dust cloud when it hits the ground. It was pretty easy.

Our compositing teacher accually gave us an assignment over the break as well that we need to submit before 2pm tomorrow. Well today I guess. It’s 4 in the morning. We had to create a particle effect in combustion that made a trail, like smoke or fire. I did a rocket launcher with a fire trail. Just finished that as well. Here’s how it turned out.

I don’t really know what the point is to be posting my work on here since no one really reads my blog. Oh well. It makes this page look cooler anyways. Is it just me, or is everything different on here? I think the layout of this website changed recently. Now that this last assignment is done, I can take a much needed break. Sweet. I think I’m going to start backing up all my data and start off with a freash hard drive. My windows keeps crashing. I don’t know what happened to it. All of a sudden everything is busted. It must have crashed like 20 times today. Even internet explorer is crashing on me. I’m really hating windows vista. Time to go back to xp. I already have it installed on my other hard drive, it’s just a matter of backing up all my stuff. Oh well. I’m going to watch a movie now. Laters.

I’m sleepy.

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I’m sleepy. I really need to start catching up on sleep these days. I don’t know why I always feel the need to set my alarm clock even on weekends. It’s 11:30 and I’m just looking over some the the interview questions that val gave us. We’re going to be interviewed tomorrow morning, and it’s worth marks. This is pretty weird. I’m nore nervous about the fake interview than a real one that will get me a job. Maybe cause I know it’s worth marks? Anyways. I usually do better on interviews if I dont prepare. I like to freestyle them. If I prepare, it’ll just make me more nervous, But these questions seem really hard. How do you answer some of these without making yourself look bad, but not sounding cocky? Oh well. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. We’re finally done out month and a half assignment. I think I went pretty well. Mike played all of them on the projector and most of my classmates projects turned out sweet. It’s pretty funny how we all just started really working on these on the last week. Here’s another youtube video of my Under the Boardwalk assignment.

Still needs some work, like I need to do a darker occlusion pass, and the lightmap I used has some obvious seems. Also the water is too clear for the last shot. I’m really sleepy, but I also want to get some food. I’m hungry. If I eat now, I might not be able to sleep properly. Hmmm. Maybe I should just go to sleep. Good night.